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Access spins off simulations activity to Unicorn founder

With Unicorn now a part of the Access Group, Unicorn’s founder, Peter Phillips, has reached an agreement to acquire the simulations activity, which will now operate as Unicorn Simulations Ltd, and where he will be the CEO.

Peter commented “I am a passionate believer in the power of action learning. Serious learning games and simulations create engaging hands-on, memorable experiences for participants. They encourage teamwork, improve analytical skills, and bring to life what is often seen as the dull subject of financial decision making.

“Over the past 30 years the simulations have been run successfully on workshops, conferences and seminars across the globe, most notably for our insurance and financial services clients. We will continue to offer the three CII CPD Accredited strategic insurance and reinsurance simulations – Morotania, Underwriting DNA and ReAction, in the UK and internationally.“

You can find out more about Unicorn Simulations here.

Following the huge success of the award-winning airport simulation “Icarus”, the new business will also be building on the partnership with University of London to provide executive education events. The first of these, “Making Sense of Financial Decision Making”, takes place in London next month.

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