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We have all travelled through airports, but how many of us have had the opportunity to manage one? 

Airport Simulation Game
Welcome to The Icarus Group

This simulation lets you and your team manage and run a simulated mid-sized airport. You decide on your airport’s strategy, and then implement it over a series of decision years in a highly competitive commercial environment, setting landing charges, leasing concession space, managing passenger flow, air side engineering services, on-site car parking the bus terminus, HR and finance.

You also have major investment decisions in new terminal capacity and a rail link. Your KPIs include environmental, airline and passenger satisfaction and employee motivation as well as the usual financial targets.

Icarus is a powerful, effective and challenging learning experience, and great fun too. It can be run in the classroom, or using the web-based tutor controls, remotely for teams across your organisation and around the globe in both desktop format and through the mobile app.

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