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Underwriting DNA
Insurance Simulation
The DNA Simulation introduces participants to the core elements of underwriting in a lifelike environment

This simulation was originally developed to be a core element in the underwriting training programme of a large London market insurer for new and inexperienced underwriters. It has since been adapted for other London market insurance clients, including the addition of classes of business, such as cyber risk; though the original underlying objective of improving participants underwriting skills, and their ability to analyse internal and external information so as to take better informed decisions remains core.

Participants are set business objectives within the simulations, such as maintaining solvency and customer satisfaction. An excerpt from the introductory material is shown below, highlighting some of the key learning objectives and content covered on this course.


Images show decision making and report screens from within the simulation. Participants are given full control over and extensive range of decisions within the simulated underwriting career, all based on real, up to date market data and trends.

Decision Making

"Your team will make crucial business planning and underwriting decisions and compete to achieve the best business results across each U/W year. Once the results are in you will explore the different decisions each team made and how this impacted their results."

  • Implement an underwriting strategy to maximise your ROC

  • Apply deductibles, rates, limits and risk appetite across your portfolio

  • Purchase suitable reinsurance for your strategy

  • Manage your expenses to improve your combined ratio

  • Review your results against KIPs

    • Grow your share of the Lloyd's market gross written premium​

    • COR of 90% or below in all non-cat years

    • A minimum of $5 GEP per $ fixed expenses

    • Pre-tax ROCE by year 6 of at least 15%

    • Policy holder renewal rates of 90%