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Icarus Simulation @ LTDX 2.0 2021

In July our award-winning Icarus Simulation was showcased at LTDX 2.0, the Learning Technologies Digital Experience symposium.

Our friends from University College London, Professor Alan Parkinson and Lynsie Chew, presented the session which covered the story of our Icarus simulation, attended by over 100 people from various organisations across the corporate training & development market. Both Alan & Lynsie work with University of London Worldwide where they support learners with education and corporate backgrounds from around the globe.

The 45-minute session was titled ‘using the power of a strategic simulation tool, Icarus, to transform an on-line learning programme’. The Icarus simulation is used as part of the MSc Professional Accountancy at University College London (UCL), and it has helped more than 5,000 global learners across 156 countries since its launch in 2018. Those enrolled on this course at UCL are working professionals, qualified accountants & financial literates, who are supporting their personal & professional development by undertaking the course.

In the session, both professors discussed in detail the challenges faced by UCL to deliver a global programme, the pedagogy behind the technology used to create Icarus, the solutions offered by adopting this approach and the evolution of the simulation to enhance the experience for participants.

One of the biggest challenges that Icarus has helped to overcome is the transformation from passive to active learning and knowledge construction within the distance learning format, along with developing skills for a capstone project for strategic planning. Using Icarus has helped UCL’s global learners to create appropriate case studies and scenarios as a part of a practical learning experience. It also helps make sense of meaning through shared challenges and building on experience gained by using Icarus.

Professor Alan Parkinson commented “Icarus has helped move from constructivism (of knowledge and ideas) to connectivism (via the Icarus app). it is an integral part of our online course.”

The video recording of the full talk can be viewed by clicking here.

Icarus can also be used by corporate businesses. It can be incorporated into a corporate Learning and Development strategy to provide an immersive learning experience. The scope and versatility of Icarus makes it uniquely valuable as a learning resource for executive development, and it can be used to address a range of learning outcomes:

· Financial Management

· Research & Analysis

· Strategic Planning & Decision Making

· Teamwork

· Planning & Budgeting

Icarus provides participants with an immersive and challenging experience. It is a comprehensive business tool enabling participants to gain practical knowledge running a multi-faceted business enterprise, allowing them to make a range of decisions affecting strategic business functions in a realistic economic environment. Shown below is one of the positive comments we have received from a corporate participant in the Icarus Simulation:

Icarus simulation is a robust and tested software, with its own mobile and desktop application that runs on Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices, making it accessible to participants around the globe. Teams can be spread out across continents or sat in the same room, with no detrimental effect on functionality or impact, making it a unique and effective business learning solution whatever the requirement.

To find out more and get in touch, head to the Unicorn Simulations site. Watch the recorded LTDX session video @

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