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Unicorn's Amel Dardour Continues to Grow Success

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

2020 is off to a strong start for Unicorn Simulations in the Middle East and North Africa, with an exciting business collaboration between Unicorn Simulations and the Insurance Institute of Egypt (IIE). The IIE are hosting a series of Amel's incredibly successful and popular workshops across the region, starting with an event they hosted in Cairo in January. At this event Amel led the Strategic Business Planning Simulation Workshop, for delegates from several countries and representing a range of companies within the insurance industry.

This event also involved a keynote from Mr Mohamed El Dishish, the CEO of the IIE.

Of the event, Mr El Dishish commented, "the feedback received from all delegates who attended the event [is] excellent in all aspects- presentations, simulation software, and organisation especially. Special thanks to Amel for all her hard work, dedication, and excellent performance for such a successful event."

The event was hosted under the sponsorship of Delta Insurance and BIB, who each sent delegates to the event. One delegate said, "the workshop was very interactive and dynamic, which added great value to the attendees. It was [a] unique workshop tackling critical thinking, [...] it is a very good start for 2020. Special thanks for My Mohamed and Ms Amel for your efforts and making the workshop interesting."

This event proved to be a talking point in the insurance world, and in early February Amel and Mr El Dishish took the workshop to Sudan to run another course through the IIE.

As is the usual from Amel's workshops, the feedback was glowing- with one delegate, the Director of Finance at a well-known insurance company in Sudan, thanking Amel for the "wonderful and excellent Simulation Workshop on Business Planning, Underwriting and Reinsurance", going on to comment, "the event was perfect from all aspects. We are very impressed with your high expertise and professionalism and the way you presented and explained the topics. We also found the simulation tool very sophisticated and useful."

This was a great opportunity for the company to showcase the products we champion and the skill and prestige of Amel in delivering this course, in a new region and to a variety of representatives from across the insurance industry in that part of the world. Unicorn Simulations look forward to continuing to work with the IIE in the future to deliver these workshops.

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