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Best use of Simulations - 2019 Learning Technology Awards

Our MD, Peter Phillips, was a judge once again this year for the “Best use of simulations or virtual environments for learning” category at the prestigious 2019 Learning Technology Awards. Here are his reflections on the experience.

“As a passionate believer in the power of action learning, I was delighted to have the opportunity again to judge this year’s learning simulations category for the LT awards.

“This year’s entrants were particularly strong and varied, with applications ranging from learning to drive a train in South Africa, through the launch of a new manufacturing robot, to a VR pathology lab for medical students, with an amazing virtual tour of ancient Rome, a visit to a Turkish bank and a virtual shift in a distribution warehouse along the way.

“It was great to see so much creativity in applying new technologies to enhance the delivery of learning across such a wide range of sectors, and several of the entries would have made worthy winners.”

Despite this, the judging panel were unanimous in selecting the Gold winner - the Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education. Unlike the other entrants, this was not for a single outstanding project. Rather, the Institute have committed to and implemented a culture of practical hands-on learning that they apply across the College. They featured some of the most effective individual use cases of VR and simulations, but it was the strategic, whole-college approach that set them apart. They were also able to demonstrate remarkable learning outcomes and an important contribution to the future prospects of their students, working with local employers to define and meet local training needs, and benefitting the wider economy of the town and the wider community. Overall a fantastic and inspiring project.

Visit the institute's own website blog post at to read more on their work and celebrations at the LTAs.

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