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World-class simulations in business and financial services

Unicorn Simulations have over 30 years' experience providing engaging, educational and enjoyable training courses and workshops using bespoke industry-leading business simulations. We offer in-company and public courses across the business and financial services industries.

We have unique strengths in insurance training and in demystifying business finance for managers.


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Icarus is an award-winning strategic business simulation in which students work in small teams, planning and running a commercial airport- from airline charges, engineering services, passenger handling, retail services, car parks and more in a realistic competitive environment.  

Participants manage a newly formed insurance company on the fictitious volcanic island of Morotania, making a range of business decisions including product design, underwriting appetite, pricing, marketing, finance and HR. The simulation is particularly effective for induction training and for those who need a broad understanding of the language, principles and practice of general insurance.

This simulation is designed for newly appointed underwriters and managers who want to better understand the core purpose and practice of insurance. The simulation can be set up for a variety of market conditions and a choice of classes of insurance business, both retail and London market.  Participants make underwriting and risk management decisions. They will determine their risk appetite and how to compete in different lines of business, including premiums, deductibles, brokerage, and reinsurance cover.

Set in the fictional State of Adversity, participants work in teams representing both insurers and reinsurers. They have to design their reinsurance programme, and then negotiate and build relationships with reinsurers as they place their business in the reinsurance market place.  The objectives of both insurers and reinsurers are to maintain solvency, make an underwriting profit, and build strong relationships over a six-year cycle in a range of insurance categories including cat exposed classes.




Unicorn Training has designed and built training simulations for a range of industries, and run workshop events in over 40 countries across the globe. In 2019, the simulations activity of Unicorn was spun off to form a separate entity, Unicorn Simulations Ltd, led by Unicorn Training founder Peter Phillips. 
Peter is a great believer in the power of action-based learning, to deliver more memorable, effective and practical learning outcomes. 
Our world-leading simulations are renowned for their effectiveness, engagement and quality. This new structure enables us to focus more resources on promoting and delivering our world class simulation-based workshop to clients internationally.  


Unicorn Simulations is based in Bournemouth, UK. While our core activities are UK based, particularly in the insurance sector, we work closely with our partners in Asia Pacific and in the Middle East to enable us to provide the same high-quality experience in these regions. 
We also work very closely with the University of London, including providing the strategic simulation for the UCL School of Management Masters in Professional Accountancy (MPAcc) which has run for several thousand students in over 100 countries worldwide over the past two years. 


Our insurance simulation workshops have received CII CPD Accreditation, which recognises their quality and relevance to meeting the professional development needs of their participants, and the experience and quality of our facilitators. 
The insurance simulations are modelled on real-world data and regularly updated to ensure they accurately reflect current market conditions.


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